the lubben brothers

Triplets and high-energy musicians from the farmlands of Iowa, The Lubben Brothers have spent the last 15 years pioneering an original sound steeped in lyrical sensitivity, rich vocal harmonies, and the multi-instrumental flair of the American folk tradition.

The Brothers have soloed at venues ranging from South Florida’s Meyer Amphitheater and Broward Center for the Performing Arts, to The Gardens Hockey Arena of Northern Minnesota. Their music has aired on radio stations across the United States, while they have developed a committed, grassroots following in their current state of Florida; as one reviewer put it: “The Lubben Brothers are to Florida as the Lumineers are to Denver, Colorado” (Maritza Cosano, West Palm Beach Magazine). Music by the Lubben Brothers was chosen as an encore for NPR’s “Live from Here” with Chris Thile, and featured in Netflix’s premiere film of the 2021 Christmas season, “Love Hard.” Composers as well as musicians, the Lubben Brothers have written multiple musicals, and actively record, write, and release new music when not performing on the road. Their latest album, “Dream Free,” is slated for release June 2024, with new singles being released every month available on all streaming platforms.