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Morning Coffee & Maestros

Key Chorale presents….Morning Coffee & Maestros

Join Artistic Director Joseph Caulkins and Conductor Jamal Sarikoki for in-depth conversations as they discuss important topics about music, the arts, culture and our world. The Maestros take on challenging topics like race and the arts, planning and delivering a season during a pandemic, the 10 absolute must listen to major works to enjoy during self-isolation, what conductors do when they have this much time on their hands, and much more!

The Maestros recorded 9 episodes discussing controversial topics, exploring the music of Black and Brown composers, the importance of mentors, and their favorite classical works. Many episodes include listening guides and links to discover more about the music discussed. 


1) Racism in America, the Arts and How We Can Make a Difference

2) Top 10 Pandemic Playlist

3) Pandemonium or Possibilities

4) Black Composers Who Changed the Course of Classical Music

5) Miniature Masterpieces

6) Paying it Forward

7) Cinco de Mexico, 5 of the most influential composers from South of the Border

8) Worlds Apart, with Maestro Marc Taddei

9) Conductor: Magician or Musician?