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Come Together Choir Initiative (CTC)

Interactive Music Toolkits for Senior Enrichment

Key Chorale launched the Come Together Choir Online Choral Rehearsals in March 2020 as a response to the pandemic. More than 600 households from all over the world participated and experienced the joyful and therapeutic benefits of singing – even during isolation. That success led us to create Come Together Choir Interactive Music Toolkits for Senior Enrichment.

come together choir

What are the benefits of a Come Together Choir (CTC)?

  • Inspires seniors through joyful singing
  • Fosters a renewed sense of purpose by engaging with new friends while laughing and learning together
  • Provides a wellness experience with both physical and mental health benefits
  • Improves the attitudes of care partners, family members, and friends
  • Participants have fun and enjoy time spent with others
  • Everyone involved benefits regardless of their musical ability

CTC Toolkits Include:

  • A themed curriculum of 8-10 songs in senior-friendly keys
  • Each curriculum contains a number of well-known songs in unison and also has several songs in 2-4 parts
  • A printable PDF of licensed music and sample singer binder
  • Two copies of the music leader/keyboard binders
  • Each curriculum comes with eight detailed weekly lesson plans including all physical, breathing, and vocal exercises and what to cover in each session
  • A companion book (Developing Choral Sound Through the Warm-Up, Joseph Caulkins, M.E. Bailey, editor, 2021) which notates and explains all exercises utilized
  • Practice/playback tracks for singers to use between rehearsals
  • A sample concert program
  • Emcee notes

CTC has done all the hard work so your group can just sing and have fun!

CTC has more than a decade’s experience designing and delivering purposeful singing experiences with a unique system that replaces frustration and confusion with structure and repetition.
Each CTC toolkit is based on a 60-minute rehearsal for seven weeks culminating in a rehearsal and performance in the eighth week. The performance lasts approximately 30 minutes and includes one singalong with the audience. The curriculums are centered on familiar music that is challenging, yet simple enough that everyone can have a great time, regardless of their musical skill.

come together choir

“It gives joy and satisfaction to see others experience the joy of making music. Heartwarming and rewarding!”

We have a complete CTC Toolbox which tells you everything you need to know to bring the CTC experience to your community.

For More Information:

Call Ellen Schaller, Community Outreach Specialist, at 941.921.4845 or email Ellen by clicking here

CTC was developed by Key Chorale and Artistic Director, Joseph Caulkins. Key Chorale, a symphonic chorus in Sarasota, Florida, has been partnering with nonprofit organizations for more than ten years to provide specialty choirs for those with health challenges in addition to its signature chorus and ensembles.

“My wife struggled when she began at Senior Friendship Centers. She was unsure of staff and hesitate to join in group activities. She tends to be stuck in her ways, and can become agitated when things don’t go as she’d like them. With the patience and love from the staff, and partnerships such as Key Chorale, she has grown tremendously. She now participates so much more, even taking other women under her wing and encouraging participation. The music has moved her.”