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Visible Men Academy

Child looking at camera

Since 2018, Key Chorale has partnered with Visible Men Academy, a charter school for at-risk K-5 boys, to provide a music program and experiences for the 100+ students who would not have any formal musical experiences without our involvement. Key Chorale singers and educators conduct hands-on music activities with students during a five-week program each semester. Each grade level is paired with a Key Chorale-approved music teacher, who includes grade-specific activities in music, sound and singing culminating in a final performance for family and friends.

The mission of VMA is to provide boys with outstanding academic, character, and social education in a nurturing school environment. The purpose of VMA is to deliver a high-quality educational experience that meets the specific needs of at-risk elementary and middle school aged boys through the collaborative efforts of administrators, teachers, parents, the broader community, and the students themselves.

In addition to providing musical experiences to every student at VMA, Key Chorale has also fostered a K-5 choir, offered technical musical expertise to the VMA staff, participated in 5th grade graduation ceremonies, holiday programs, assemblies, and created collaborative performances with Key Chorale.

“At Visible Men Academy, we believe that every boy we serve has gifts and that our task is to create an environment through which these gifts can emerge and flourish. Key Chorale is a key partnership that helps us make this belief and environment a reality. Our partnership with Key Chorale is invaluable. The resources and expertise they provide increase our capacity to serve our boys in a comprehensive way.”

– Tiffany Mickens