Winnie Cheung

“Ben & Winnie,” a dynamo tango duo, seamlessly merge traditional energy with contemporary flair. Earning accolades with a Top 10 spot on Billboard’s World Music Chart, their unique sound combines Ben’s mastery on the bandoneón with Winnie’s nuanced piano melodies. A Berklee College graduate, Ben’s Argentinean immersion has positioned him as an acclaimed bandoneon soloist, performing with varied ensembles globally. Simultaneously, Winnie, an Eastman School of Music alumna, harnesses her expertise in both classical and tango to push artistic boundaries. Hailing from diverse backgrounds, they unify to advocate for social change and climate action through their music. Their fusion of raw tango passion with a global perspective leaves audiences worldwide spellbound. A harmonious blend of artistry and advocacy, “Ben & Winnie” are reshaping the tango narrative.