Garcia and Cervila

Junior Cervila and Guadalupe Garcia are considered one of the most explosive tango couples on the scene.

Cervila has an extensive professional history that includes performances on Broadway and at Lincoln Center. He performed in the Academy Award-nominated film “Tango” by Carlos Saura, toured with Julio Iglesias, performed on the BBC with prima ballerina of the Royal Ballet of London (Deborah Bull), and with the Rolling Stones.

Garcia started dancing the tango at 12 years old and went on to be a member of the Buenos Aires University Ballet. She has partnered with the famous Juan Carlos Copes at Glorias Porteñas (an Evita tribute) and has performed in nearly every notable tango show in Buenos Aires, including Complejo Tango, Michelangelo, and Piazzolla Tango.

Together this dynamic couple has performed the lead roles in the successful musicals “Tanguera,” “Piazzolla Tango,” “Jealousy,” “EVITA,” and “Gran Hotel”.