farhad Poupel

Farhad Poupel is a UK-based Iranian composer, whose works are frequently performed in many prestigious international venues and festivals by today’s leading musicians. The critical acclaim which his music continues to receive worldwide led to commissions such as Road to Bach for solo piano by Kotaro Fukuma, The Legend of Bijan and Manijeh for piano, choir, and orchestra by Windsor Symphony Orchestra and Jeffrey Biegel, Air and Variations for Clarinet, Violin and Cello with Scarab Club in Detroit, and Dance of the Butterfly and Flame for violin and piano by Margaret Fingerhut and Bradley Creswick.
Poupel was born in Isfahanan, Iran, where he began his musical education by studying the Persian dulcimer (santur) and piano. He was mentored in harmony, counterpoint, and composition by the great Iranian composer Saeed Sharifian, and in 2019 had his international professional debut with Zayande-Rud for string orchestra, performed by Windsor Symphony Orchestra in Canada. His music has been in demand internationally ever since.