Amy Connours

Mezzo Soprano, Amy Jo Connours is a prominent soloist and is active in many of Sarasota’s finest organizations. She is currently the Alto section leader for Key Chorale, the Alto lead for Choral Artists of Sarasota, and a featured soloist for both Key Chorale, Sarasota’s symphonic chorus, and Choral Artists. She is a frequent guest artist for the Artist Series Concerts of Sarasota, and has toured through Europe in Spain, Ireland, and Scotland, and the Baltic States. She holds a B.A. in Music from FSU, and also plays viola. An accomplished Oratorio singer, she easily crosses over from Baroque counter tenor sounds to perform heartfelt Gospel and the Blues. Ms. Connours began her career with Mozart’s The Magic Flute and has amassed an eclectic repertoire that features her silky mezzo tones which cross over multiple genres from opera, oratorios and the classics, to jazz and contemporary composers.