Key Chorale turns 35 with its Coming Concert Season 
You could say it’s all in the numbers for Key Chorale. The vocal ensemble is more than 100 voices strong, marking its 35th anniversary season in 2019-20, celebrating 10 years of teaming with the Circus Arts Conservatory on its Cirque des Voix performances, and continuing to add to the number of collaborations it’s involved in with other arts organizations. But, of course, it’s the sounds audiences hear that will be memorable.

Key Chorale celebrates young voices
“Any musician who has done this as long as I have can think back on the people who supported you and gave you a little extra — a push,” said Joseph Caulkins, artistic director of Key Chorale. ”(Sharing this music) is a way to pay it forward to the community.”

Tomorrow’s Voices Today Next Week
“Caulkin’s idea for the Tomorrow’s Voices Today is to show students a different opportunity after performing in a high school choir. “When you are a student there are going to be moments and experiences you have,” Caulkin says. “We hope that this is one of those moments where kids will see a whole different world of music.”

Anu Taki departs Sarasota Orchestra with memorable concert
“Oh, that every chorus could sound this good. Smooth blend, mellow sopranos and mezzos, comfortable tenors, and rooted basses. Diction was clear and adequate space was given to keep it crisp.”

Music Review: Key Chorale creates grandeur with ‘Elijah’ oratorio
“…the Key Chorale made the grandeur of the music dominate, and the soloists added so much that the result was a afternoon of music making leading to a feeling of exaltation.”

Key Chorale’s ‘Elijah’ to showcase masterwork of epic proportions
“Some stories are so epic, they don’t need breathtaking prose or dazzling costumes to help tell it — just a moving piece of music and talented vocalists to perform it.”

Key Chorale sings story of ‘Elijah’
“It’s a much different experience than listening to a requiem or a Mass setting,” said Caulkins. “This creates the drama of the scenes without costumes and scenery.”

Music/Dance Review: ‘Misatango’ offers a melange of talent from Sarasota and beyond
“It’s an admirably assured artist who is not only willing, but eager, to share the stage with creative talents from other disciplines, recognizing that the sum total of such collaborations can often be more transformative than that of a single genre alone.”

Key Chorale will mix music and dance in ‘Misatango’
“It’s a unique combination,” says Joseph Caulkins, artistic director of Key Chorale. “Hardly any pieces have that sound. And then when you add the dimension of dance, that’s what makes it such an incredible feast for the senses.”

Pedro Reis receives Key Chorale’s Perfect Pitch award
“It was an afternoon of moving song and dance performances as Key Chorale presented Perfect Pitch, an annual luncheon supporting education and community outreach, this year co-chaired by Vivian Kouvant and Jytte Winslow-Mandle.” 

Key Chorale turns mere music into a spectacle
“We need not just voices, but also a sense of community, to create the magical sound that transcends only the music and lifts and inspires the spirit.”

Key Chorale Season Launches Oct. 27, Sarasota Magazine
“The coming season blends tango, Christmas classics, circus-related performances and more.”

Key Chorale announces 2018-2019 season performances and events
“The 34th season of Sarasota’s symphonic chorus will include eight concerts, one luncheon and the 2019 Sarasota Choral Festival.”

Key Chorale sets challenges for new season, Sarasota Herald Tribune
“My main job as a conductor is really as a teacher,” he says. “When I have auditions, I’m looking for people who are already at a high level, but with the right training and experiences, they’ll be great contributors. … It’s always a challenge with a big symphonic chorus, but that’s what I love about it.”

Key Chorale Announces New Executive Team

Music Review: Key Chorale Chamber Singers provide French treats
“Along with his best singers, music director Joseph Caulkins delivered a varied program filled with delicious morsels from the Renaissance to the 20th century.”

Key Chorale joins orchestra and pianist for Beethoven and Haydn Concert

Key Chorale’s latest concert will feature acclaimed pianist Jeffrey Biegel
“I have this connection to Beethoven — I started off not being able to hear and now I do, opposite of him, he ended up stone deaf,” Biegel says.

Photo Gallery by Sarasota Herald Tribune: Key Chorale Annual Luncheon 

Observer Black Tie & Tales

Conductor Dale Warland leads Key Chorale in Holiday Favorites
“The mysterious quality comes from the instrumentals,” said Warland.

Key Chorale’s 2017-2018 season emphasizes outreach, education, Sarasota Herald Tribune
Caulkins was on a mission to “use choral music as a way to influence our community beyond just doing great concerts…”

Chorale starts on right note, Observer Media Group
Key Chorale Artistic Director Joseph Caulkins believes in the power of the “invisible instrument,” and says his chorale will use it to uplift, empower and educate the community with its 33rd season programming.

This circus is choreographed to amaze. It’s in town for three shows this weekend

Key Chorale and Circus Arts find new mood for Cirque des Voix

2018 Cirque Des Voix segment on Suncoast View