Over the past months, Key Chorale has been monitoring the developments surrounding COVID-19 and working through multiple plans of action, all with a focus on the best path forward for everyone involved.


What is the status of next season’s programs?

  • We are currently planning to present as scheduled, however at the end of August we will re-assess and determine if any alterations to the fall schedule are necessary.
  • While we hope to present our season as planned, if we are forced to cancel any 2020-2021 programs, we likely will reschedule for later in the season or move into a future season.

How is the organization faring financially?

  • Key Chorale has plans in place to weather this crisis through reduced operational expenses and temporary emergency support from grantors and the PPP.
  • Patrons and sponsors are encouraged to continue supporting Key Chorale through regular donations and subscription purchases and participating in our Together We Rise 2020-2021 Campaign. Your investment now will help Key Chorale re-launch its programs in full once it is safe to do so and provide for reconceived rehearsals and events, and newly amended educational and community outreach.
  • The administration, in communication with the Finance Committee, continues to build and review multiple scenarios and contingencies to ensure we are prepared.

How is the organization taking care of its artists and staff?

  • All administrative and artistic positions are secure for the coming season

What will happen to my Season Subscription if concerts are cancelled?

  • All patrons will be given the option to exchange their tickets into future performances.
  • Donated tickets, while not expected, are appreciated and will continue to help Key Chorale plan and execute future programs.
  • Our staff will work with every ticket holder individually to find a solution that best suits their needs, including refunds if necessary.

How You Can Help?

Our resources are finite. To ensure Key Chorale’s long-term survival, we need your help. If you’re able to support us, there are two ways you can do so today:

Subscribe to next season after August 1, or contribute to the Together We Rise 2020-2021 Campaign. Please consider making your subscription order and/or Together We Rise contribution now.

Or donate using this PayPal Link –> DONATE


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