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American Roots: CSN Crosby Stills & Nash Folk Rock with The Lubben Brothers

We welcome back The Lubben Brothers, an acoustic folk group made up of triplet brothers Michael, Tom, and Joshua, to re-create and re-imagine the music of the folk rock genre. Key Chorale Chamber Singers explore the 30 year discography of the folk rock group Crosby Stills & Nash, and other artists known for their intricate vocal harmonies and timeless melodies.

Teach Your Children, Our House, Seven Bridges Road, Judy Blue Eyes and more!



Charlie Ann & Jim Syprett
Judy & Bill Plerhoples


Pat & Don Clem

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About The Lubben Brothers

Lubben Brothers

Triplets and high-energy acoustic musicians, The Lubben Brothers specialize in tight vocal harmonies and an eclectic blend of folk instruments involving banjo, mandolin, tin whistle, accordion, hammered dulcimer, and fiddle. Diving into classical music at a young age, their modern songwriting style merges folk roots with complex pop ideas.

The Brothers have performed at venues such as the Meyer Amphitheater, The South Florida Fair, the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, The Gamble Rodgers Concert Series, and others. Their music has aired on radio stations across the country, while they have developed a committed, grassroots following in Florida; as one reviewer put it: “The Lubben Brothers are to Florida as the Lumineers are to Denver, Colorado’’ (Maritza Cosano, West Palm Beach Magazine). Composers as well as musicians, The Lubben Brother’s new musical Prodigals, heralded by the concept album “Prodigal Songs” and co-written with acclaimed actor and director Bruce Linser, promises to be the culmination of the brothers’ artistic journey through their roots in folk music, classical exploration, and storytelling.

Join Artistic Director Joseph Caulkins as he gives you the inside scoop to Key Chorale’s American Roots: Crosby Stills & Nash innovative concert experience. Discover more about the music, composers, and creativity that goes into each performance.

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