The Key Chorale Chamber Singers are selected from the symphonic chorus through a second audition and include the Chorale’s professional base of section leaders and core singers. The members of this ensemble take on an additional role and demanding repertoire suitable for smaller forces or community outreach. The Chamber Singers perform unique, often genre-bending performances including their popular American Roots series ranging from bluegrass to shape note and gospel. Their collaborations with Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe and the DePue Brothers Band have received critical acclaim and enthusiastic standing ovations.

For more information on booking the Chamber Singers for your event, please contact Key Chorale at 941.921.4845.

Chamber Singers 2019-2020

Angela Burns
Michelle Caulkins
Mae Davis +
Patti Eastep
Lisa Fudge-Schustik
Kumiko Hampton 
Lorraine Murphy 
Debbie Rostad +
Genna Sarikoki +                    

Charissa Arters
Jessica Carrier
Amy Connours + 
Michelle Jessogne 
Jody Kienzler
Lynne Lash 
Cecilia McEnaney 
Ellen VanDolah + 
Catherine Vernon       

Rob Davis 
Robert Henry  
Daniel Michener  
Stephen Remis  
Kay Semrod 
Zac Stockman +
Alexander Zickafoose

Bob Barr +
Allen Batchelder 
Brice Jones 
Frank Roxby
Jamal Sarikoki
Mark Wagstrom 
Bob Wennberg +        

Bold = Section Leader
+ Core Singer

All of Key Chorale’s singers are accepted into the chorale through an audition process and Chamber Singers are selected through a second audition.