Visible Men Academy

Key Chorale is excited to continue their partnership with Visible Men Academy, a charter school for at-risk K-5 boys, in which Key Chorale singers and educators conduct hands-on music activities with students during an  after school program, culminating in a final performance for family and friends.
This Spring several of our singers are collaborating with the Kindergarten through Fifth Grade classroom teachers at VMA to provide musical experiences for the students. Each singer will work with a specific grade level to provide 4 to 6 music sessions during the month of May. These experiences will include singing, movement, and sound. The culminating event will be an Arts Showcase at VMA on June 6th that will include a 6-minute presentation by each grade level. Maestro Joe is considering having Key Chorale singers (volunteers) perform a song or two at the Arts Showcase. A special thanks to each of the following Key Chorale singers who are providing the leadership for each grade level:

  • Kindergarten – Gina Novotne
  • Grade 1 – Kristen Stanton
  • Grade 2 – Elizabeth Granowicz
  • Grade 3 – Ellen VanDolah
  • Grades 4 and 5 – Lorraine Murphy

“The Key Chorale has brought music education to our school and has enriched the lives of our students…Music education helps our students increase their academic achievement, and a sense of community in the classroom which benefits our students’ success.”
Dawnyelle Singleton, Visible Men Academy, Community Relations

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