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REVIEW: Key Chorale continues to blossom
REVIEW: The Uniquely Sarasotan Cirque des Voix (Gayle Williams, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Feb. 26, 2011) 
REVIEW: Key Chorale triumphs with music in 'Annelies' (Gayle Williams, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Nov. 9, 2010) 


It has been a pleasure over the past seasons watching the Key Chorale blossom into what we hear today. Artistic director Joseph Caulkins has not only been consistent in delivering fresh and more adventurous programming, but he has molded dozens of amateur, for the most part, singers into a large choral ensemble with professional polish.
                                                -- Gayle Williams, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
And, in their finest performance to date with the orchestra, the Key Chorale sang with precision, clear diction and an enviable blend. Bravo to all who worked so hard to make this performance a revolutionary success." (Beethoven's 9th Symphony with the Sarasota Orchestra)
                                               --Gayle Williams, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
The women of Key Chorale, never seen in their backstage haunt, were as affecting and supernatural as our glimpses of the mystical Neptune. Singing softly is much harder than blasting away, and their eerie, other-worldly sounds were inspiring and awesome. (Holst's The Planets with the Sarasota Orchestra)
                                               --June LeBell, The Observer, Longboat edition
Key Chorale sang with sparkling clarity under the direction of Joseph Caulkins. Diction was rarely the issue, but with multiple layer of meaning, and at the same time, visual and literary, it was an overwhelming experience. (Voices of Light)
                                               --Gayle Williams, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
And then Key Chorale, prepared by Joseph Caulkins, began its hushed, dark, awesome entrance and the world fell away. Its sound seemed to grow from some inner chasm, and it was overwhelming, rich, warm and absolutely humbling. (Mahler's 2nd Symphony, Resurrection)
                                               --June LeBell, The Observer, Longboat edition
Wings of Angels...Key Chorale soars with performance of Mendelsson's masterpiece. (Elijah)
                                               --June LeBell, The Observer, Longboat edition 
Every once in a while, a single performance reaches a degree of such emotional intensity that it reduces its audience to reverential silence. Such was the reaction Saturday afternoon at the end of Florida West Coast Symphony’s and Key Chorale’s rendition of Faure’s Requiem.
                                               --Florence Fisher, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Thanks should be given to conductor Daniel Moe, founders Ann Stephenson-Moe and Don Ryno, and the plentitude of singers who work so hard to create the music of the Key Chorale. It was a gift of a concert, and remains a treasure of a musical ensemble for the community.
                                               --Gayle Williams, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Key Chorale, an ensemble of about 130 vocalists, is the official chorus of the symphony, and has established a reputation in its own right as a high quality ensemble.
                                               --Steve Echeverria Jr., Sarasota Herald-Tribune
…one of the Gulf Coast’s cultural treasures is the Key Chorale. …two decades of choral excellence by Sarasota’s beloved Key Chorale.
                                                --Jack Perkins, A Gulf Coast Journal